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Five Daily Habits To Drive Small Business Success
Five Daily Habits To Drive Small Business Success
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This is the first of a two part series on goal setting to get you started. "The trick to managing everything together is to throw out the conventional idea of 'balance.'"says Driscoll. Instead of trying to excel in every area of life and give it all equal energy, she says she tries to stay present in the moments outside of work to maximize the feel of the short time she has. For example, rather than aiming for dinner daily, she and her husband have a quiet, dedicated date night once a week.



If you want to say no to something, then say no. It’s important to be able to make intentional decisions that move you forward toward what you want in life. Asking intelligent questions is another great way to demonstrate your worth at work.



You have to think about success if you want to be successful. Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than education. When you spend time in solitude and alone, you let your imagination run wild. In fact, your imagination is the idea for your dreams. Productive people always have a plan with them. They know what they need to get done for the day.



Having a system in place can keep you from having to make decisions on the fly or keep track of doing all your goal-oriented tasks one by one. You can have big dreams, great goals, and still fail. The third key of success requires you to turn your goals into actions. Read more about here. Repeated actions in the right direction become helpful habits. And once you form the right habits, you create momentum. Those doomsday what-if scenarios play out in our minds throughout the course of any given day.



Get into the habit of visiting family members who may be out of town. Take a look at some of the drinks you purchase. If it says there are two servings in one jar, only drink half. Even though candy isn't good for you, most people love to enjoy a bag of gummy snacks on occasion. If the bag says the serving size is five gummy snacks, don't eat the entire bag at once. It's important to know your portion sizes and understand when it's time to stop.



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